Where No Economy Has Gone Before

TianjingOver the past few years, especially since the Financial Crisis of 2008, there have been several alternative economic systems proposed on the web. The basis behind these alternative systems has everything to do with the fact that the current system is broken. It leads to massive distortions in the markets, bankrupts individuals and trends towards unnatural outcomes. Using Austrian economic analysis, we can determine whether these proposals would deliver a net benefit or harm for society. We will see if they answer the underlying question, “Is this idea better than what the unhampered market can provide?” Read More…

Trump, Tariffs and Trade

AR-130129985.jpg&cci_ts=20130122102048&ExactW=320I recently critiqued Bernie Sanders’ welfare ideas in the article, “Bernie Sanders’ Welfare Trap”. In the spirit of being fair, this article will address the crazy notion that populist Republican Donald Trump came up with. Namely, a 25% tariff on Chinese produced goods. In this day an age it’s remarkable how many people still do not understand the negative affects of tariffs, regulations and other trade barriers.

The media has had a heyday with Trump these last months. His popularity, especially among the blue collar class, has skyrocketed. To many he’s an amusing departure from the typical dull and boring establishment candidate. He talks off-the-cuff and spouts his opinions without a second thought of any political fallout. His stance on issues from immigration and foreign policy to international trade has made him the populist candidate, not unlike Theodore Roosevelt some 100 years ago. But are his fans even listening to what he promotes? Do they understand the consequences of electing an individual who’s intention is to amass even more power in the executive branch, ala Roosevelt?
Read More…

Bernie Sanders’ Welfare Trap

Welfare-State1With the ever growing popularity of Senator Bernie Sanders on the Presidential campaign trail, I thought it would be high time to discuss the concept of the social safety net. Bernie Sanders touts, ad nauseam, the importance of the government to step in and help the poor in our society. Although it may seem altruistic of Sanders and other socialists to insist that government “do something” for the poor, the outcome ends up being quite the opposite. They are down-right harmful and are sending this country over a cliff. Read More…

The Ins and Outs of Title Loans

canstockphoto16469308.resized.resizedThere has been much maligning of the the short term loaning practice known as Auto Title Loans and Payday Loans. Some US states have even outlawed the practice of Payday Loans, comparing the practice to “loan sharking”. It is my opinion that this is misguided. When a consumer has no credit or bad credit, where are they supposed to turn in the event of an emergency? Read More…

Death by Taxes Series

coverThere is now an available e-book (epub, mobi (Kindle) and pdf) of the Death by Taxes series. It can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Download, read and share it with anyone who might be appalled with their taxes and the idea that the state should have ownership in our fellow man’s labor.

Death by Taxes: The Elites

2011In the previous installment of the Death by Taxes series, we learned about Beardsley Ruml’s contribution in establishing the withholding tax. This most influential of unknown people in American history deserves a closer look. He had some important things to say about why we pay federal income taxes that may surprise you. Read More…

Death by Taxes: The Federal Reserve

20120401-federalreserve-deesillustration1In the first two installments of the Death By Taxes series we discussed the history, motivation and reasoning for adopting an income tax and it’s ramifications for both consumers and entrepreneurs. In this third installment we will discover “Cui bono” or who benefits the most from the income tax. The truth is far from what most people have been led to believe. Like most legislation, what is sold to the public may not always be the realized once a bill or amendment is passed. Read More…


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