Those Who Won’t Learn From History . . . .

This is amazing. Having lived in Berlin Germany for over 10 years, I find this shocking. I have never heard of this happening. My in-laws never spoke of it either. Apparently, the Allies were also guilty of crimes against humanity.


Click here to learn more about the Rhine Meadows camps….

Adask's law

The following video seems credible.  It presents a disturbing depiction of a dark moment in American history.

I’m not presenting the video as evidence of what a bunch of bastards our government not only is, but has been for at least two generations.

I’m not making a moral judgment.  If any nation initiates war, they’d by God better win because, if they lose, they’ll be subject to their adversaries’ atrocities.  This is simply the way of the world.

Some will argue that the Nazis were justified in initiating WWII.  But, with or without justification, the fact remains that the Nazis undoubtedly did initiate a shooting war.  That initiation precipitates brutal retaliation.  This retaliation is not a matter of right or wrong so much as a reflection of the mankind’s natural inclination to vengeance and brutality.

I find the following video fascinating as evidence of how easily a major truth of…

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