Where No Economy Has Gone Before

There is a common thread among proponents of alternative economies and free-market economists. We all agree the current system is in seriously bad shape and something needs to change.


Trump, Tariffs and Trade

I recently critiqued Bernie Sanders’ welfare ideas in the article, “Bernie Sanders’ Welfare Trap”. In the spirit of being fair, this article will address the crazy notion that populist Republican Donald Trump came up with. Namely, a 25% tariff on Chinese produced goods. In this day and age, it’s remarkable how many people still do…

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Americans are Starving!

There has never been in the history of this country a time when Americans were dropping dead due to starvation. The only exception would be the Jamestown colony of 1607.  Those that advocate for a socialist solution for the condition of hunger need only to look back through history at this country’s first attempt at…

The Failure of Socialism

The Failure of Socialism

In an earlier article, “Economic Ignorance“, we discussed the importance of profits and the incentives to gain those profits. At the end of the article I eluded to the failure of socialism. This article will go into some depth of why socialism is a failure. Flesh and Blood We must first begin with the understanding…