Death by Taxes: The Elites

In the previous installment of the Death by Taxes series, we learned about Beardsley Ruml’s contribution in establishing the withholding tax. This most influential of unknown people in American history deserves a closer look. He had some important things to say about why we pay federal income taxes that may surprise you. Advertisements


What’s Up with the Middle Class

  A simple internet search about the vanishing middle class in America would yield literally thousands of articles about the topic. Not to mention Elizabeth Warren’s infamous book. Left-leaning Russia Today talk show host, Thom Hartmann has also chimed in by postulating that the middle class isn’t normal. He opines that society needs to make…


The Snake Oil of Inflation

Janet Yellen recently gave her first press conference as the new Fed Chair-person. Being the stalwart Keynesian that she is, emphasis was given on the Fed’s targeted inflation rate. One of the problems here being in how modern economists define inflation. Over the course of history inflation has gone through a type of metamorphosis as…


Bonds and Bondage: Who Owns Who

There have been some recent comments on the web of how bad of a year 1913 was. With the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the passing of the 16th amendment (income taxes), 17th amendment (removal of States power by electing Senators directly) and 18th amendment (alcohol prohibition) much of the liberty Americans once had…