Salvos 2: Get Ready for More Fun and Freedom

Many of you remember my review of Garry Reed’s first collection of his libertarian work, “Selected Salvos from the Loose Cannon Libertarian”. Well, he’s at it again. In his second addition to the Fun and Freedom genre, as he puts it, “Selected Salvos 2 from the Loose Cannon Libertarian” takes the reader into the school of “Playboynomics”. The opening salvo is an article titled, “Tax Dollars for Sex Scholars” where he describes a $147,000 taxpayer-funded study on the arousal of 180 women from diverse sexual orientations while they watch video clips of pornography. It turns out, as the study concluded, that women are aroused at nonspecific targets while men are target specific. That is, heterosexual men are aroused by naked women and homosexual men are aroused by naked men.

As Garry put it,

“This would seem to fall under the “duh” category. Does it really take $147,000 of our Yugo replacement money to figure this out?”

As usual, each article is full of Garry’s special wit and comic relief. After reading so many libertarian articles on the web, Garry’s articles are always a great way to have a laugh and unwind. Playboynomics is a fun way to remove the dismal from the dismal science known as economics. Where freedom is the objective and fun is his methodology.

In Salvos 2 you’ll find numerous examples of this. One of my favorite articles is, “Uncle Shazam and His Magical Logic” where the reader finds example after example where the rubber hits the road in the school of Playboynomics. What is Magical Logic, you might ask? It’s a mental impairment of the governmentally afflicted. I believe “governmentally afflicted” ought to be the next viral term on social media. If liberalism is a mental disorder then being “governmentally afflicted” is certainly a symptom if not it causes.

This second installment of Garry Reed’s Salvos of Fun and Freedom Series is shorter than his first book. Which makes it ideal for dental office waiting room reading. As usual, it is available as an e-book and paperback at Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Nobles and all over the web. You don’t have to be an adherent to libertarianism, Ayn Rand or any of specific political or philosophical perspective to enjoy Garry Reed’s fun writing style.

In closing, I’d like to add that it was an honor for me to see my review of his first book as the forward in this addition. A message to freedom lovers, debaters, speakers, scholars and so on, your contribution to freedom is invaluable. Take the time out to read Garry’s work. Even libertarians have to relax and have a laugh once in a while.


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