Order Out of Chaos: The Spirit of the Times

April, 2023

Welcome to the dawning of The New World Order, or as the World Economic Forum would put it, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. For those who attempt to keep up with current events, life has been happening hard and fast. Before one story of bad news leaves the news cycle , two or three more stories hit. Just like that proverbial train wreck in slow motion, each story keeps piling up on top of the other.

So, why all of as sudden, is their so much tragic news in the media? For those who have been around a while, we have never experienced so many life threatening bad events and so often. It is early spring 2023 at the time of this writing and I can list off quite a few leading news stories off the top of my head:

Each one of these examples is a complete article in themselves, with many moving parts and nuances. If the reader were to take a moment and consider the common thread that weaves our New Normal, it would be fear. The basis for all of this bad news is to instill a certain amount of fear and dread throughout society. It is a well known psychological fact that fear reacts on the human physiology in such a way as to create an adrenal response. That is, fight or flight. After the subject has been under this condition over an extended period of time, adrenal fatigue sets in and both the body and mind become weak and are vulnerable to illness.

Ordo Ab Chao

In Free Masonry, the expression “Ordo Ab Chao”, Latin for, “Order Out of Chaos”, is the foundation for how secret societies advance their agendas to achieve their goal of global government, complete control of populations and all resources and the establishment of a technocratic panopticon of a surveillance-state. This statement is so demonstrable, that today it should be understood as a common fact. Only the illiterate would question its accuracy.

It is through the constant injection of chaos into society that brings about certain prescribed responses from the masses. That is, “Why doesn’t somebody do something?” This is the classic Hegelian Dialectic of Problem, Reaction, Solution. It works so well that globalists use it all of the time.

The successful dumbing down of the population through such things as pop culture, media and public schooling has lowered IQ’s to the point of literal mental retardation. The zombie masses’ first response is to vote their way into salvation. Not only is this a brain-dead response, but lazy as well. As Mark Twain was credited in saying,”If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it.” Most Normies are convinced that the problems facing us are so overwhelming that there’s nothing they can do about them. Their only option is to put a strong-man in power. This lack of critical thinking is in itself counter-intuitive to the “democracy” or “Constitutional Republic” that they’re trying to defend. It’s voting for a monarch. It opens the door for the globalists to continue their policy of tyranny without question from the masses. It’s a ‘selection’ and not an ‘election’. One would have thought that the 2020 election cycle might have taught the plebes that voting doesn’t matter. But, they’re still out there believing in a miracle from Trump, DeSantis, Kennedy or whoever might fit the definition of Messiah for them.

As stated earlier, this “Shock and Awe” tactic of constantly bombarding the public with disparaging news leaves people in a state of quasi paralysis. Which begs the question, “How do we know all of this news is even real?” With the rapid advancement of AI in all facets of life, many news articles aren’t even written by journalists anymore. Yes, much of what we read on news feeds many times, has been written by advanced AI. The globalists depend greatly on AI to advance their agenda. For them, AI is almost a demigod. Can we say that all news feeds are fake? Of course not. Unless the source is creditable, we can’t know for sure if it’s news, disinformation or propaganda. Did the train derail in E. Palestine? Yes, we can talk to people who have experienced it. Is the Ukraine War real? You’d have to ask someone who’s there. In all probability it is, although not much video can be seen of it, the narrative is heavily controlled, censorship is rampant and celebrities jet-set into a war zone almost weekly to rub elbows with President Zelensky. Do you see the conflict? If this leaves you with a sense of uncertainty about what’s real or not in the media, well, that’s the point.

Fear Itself

There is an esoteric, even metaphysical dimension to all of this. It is chaos which brings about uncertainty, unease and, above all, fear. Fear is the nectar which feeds these elitist demoniacs. Fear is the central ingredient in creating their supply of Adrenochrome. There’s no coincidence the 24/7 news cycle is known as “fear-porn”. This world is ruled by a spirit of fear. It is the global spirit of fear which fuels the engine of mankind’s demise.

Fear clouds judgement and a sound mind. People make rash decisions when under a condition of fear. They tend to lash out at loved ones and neighbors, over spend, use drugs, over-eat or other self-destructive behavior and become isolated from others. Isolation only multiplies the damage fear can cause. The Satanic globalists depend on fear, for it is the antithesis of love. It is fear, not hate, that opposes love. Hate is a merely a symptom of fear. Fear confuses and clouds the mind’s ability to properly discern truth from falsehood, to consider another’s point of view or reason with each other. It is the fear of others which leads to violent outcomes and eventually, war. Fear results in a weak and neutered population, unable to defend itself. A population that is possessed by a spirit of fear is ripe for the picking and these psychopathic madmen know it.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7 New King James Bible). 

So, What Now?

We should begin with what we know. We know they’re not stopping or even slowing down. The agenda is actually accelerating, for that matter. The playbook is in plain sight for anyone to read and follow along. They’ve made that a point. We know the world’s governments, militaries, institutions and mass media are compromised. There’s controlled opposition everywhere. They have the awaken masses right were they want them, on social media posting and tweeting and gossiping and doing absolutely nothing of any use. A lot of talk and no action. Many of them are still in the Q’anon Cult of “Trust the Plan” anyway. As I said above, controlled opposition. Not to go completely ‘black pill’ but, they’re getting their way and nobody is doing anything. What it would actually take would be on the scale of World War III, which many believe is what’s happening between Putin (good) and The West (evil New World Order). Even if that were true, these white pill types fail to realize that Putin, Xi and the BRICS+ Club have their own plan of a world order. If you’re in the West, you’re not in it. So, what good a World War would do is beyond me. A war on that scale would only bring about the end of human society, if not an end to a habitable planet.

At this point, all I can say is prepare for the worst and hope for some sanity. Set your mind and attitude right. Get right with God. Try and stay out of debt. Be ready for sudden bad news, more lock-downs, tyranny or other disgusting and demonic activity out of these sickos. There may be a call to arms in the future, but they have all of the militaries, militarized police forces and advanced tech, so that won’t get far. I read about alternative economies, communities, etc. but do you really think they will allow that? What’s stopping them from blasting any alternative community with a Direct Energy Weapon? Remember the fires in California and Australia? Maybe a Soviet style black market? Possibly.

Some hypothesize that things will get so bad that even the brain-dead masses will finally wake up. Many of them have taken the jab so, they are on borrowed time. My hope is not in the great unwashed to wake up. Nor in an escape rapture. Or Trump to save us. Or any of this ‘hopium’. We’re going to go through an Orwellian hell on Earth. It is coming. That’s a fact. For me and mine, we’re going to resist until the end. Then, the Lord can take us home. Remain in the Truth. Remain stoic. Remain in Christ. Put your hope in Him and not in fallen mankind. One thing is for sure, those who put their faith in mankind will find themselves in FEMA Camp 6, strapped to a gurney, being experimented on.


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