Language: The Final Frontier

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson has taught all free-marketeers something valuable; the English language must remain laissez-faire. His stance against Canada’s mainstream academia, more precisely, their insistence that the student body and faculty address each other using new “non-binary pronouns” has raised Jordan Peterson to a level of notoriety. But, does Dr. Peterson even know he’s also saving the free market of expression?

The Social Justice Warriors Are At It Again

It would appear that the social-Marxists aren’t satisfied with just engineering our lives. They wish to centrally plan the English language as well. Since our languages and dialects have come about through spontaneous order, over many generations, and through natural progression, language is that last shining example of the free market. There were no central planners deciding in a committee how our language would be used, which words would be fashionable, how sentences would be structured and so on. Similar to products in the market like the slide rule, Commodore computers, and floppy disks, words and phrases become popular only later to be considered out-of-date. Their usefulness, or utility, being adjusted voluntarily when a better turn of phrase or word-use comes along through simple interaction.


But, over the recent years, social-Marxists have decided that the English language needs a few more personal pronouns. Actually, a lot more. To the point of utter confusion and ordered chaos. The last count is upwards of  10 or 20 or 30? Like all Marxists, social or economic, the consequences of market intervention is rarely, if ever considered. This latest attempt to socially engineer society, in the name of not offending specific groups of people, smacks heavily of academic intelligentsia since college campuses have been the first to impose these new pronouns on students and faculty. But don’t think it will stop there, a new non-binary-pronoun will be coming to your place of business soon. Can you smell the lawsuits? This is no exaggeration, recently the Supreme Court reprimanded groups that mislabeled Gavin Grimm with the wrong pronoun.

Why English?

What many single language speakers don’t realize is that many of the world’s languages have gender-specific nouns and articles built into them, sort of speak. For example, the German language utilizes the word articles, “der”(masculine), “die” (feminine), and “das” (neuter) before a noun. Each article reflects the “gender” of the noun being used.

Die Mauer  (The wall)

Das Medikament (The medicine)

Der Doktor (The doctor)

Proponents of the new non-binary pronouns claim the new word “zhe” or “ze” is based on the formal German pronoun, “sie”. Detractors, mainly linguists, aren’t buying it, since “sie” (English “you”) is a formal way to address someone you may have just met. It follows a protocol of politeness until the two people accept the informal “du”. Once the two address each other with “du” sentence structure changes. Again, something that naturally evolved over generations among German speakers. English has since evolved beyond this point. The SJW protocol would essentially devolve English back to its pre-17th-century state when speakers used “thou” and “thee”.

French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish are similar. The imposition of adding new gender-specific pronouns into the mix would be way too confusing, to the point of the Latin-based languages becoming barbarous, even gibberish. So apparently, the mutt of the languages, English, remains the easiest target for academia to attempt to modify through edicts and dictates. At least, so they “feel”.

On the bright side, social-Marxists are currently concentrating their efforts on left-leaning publications. In 2017,  The Daily Beast published an article chastising the New York Times’ inability to properly use “they” instead of “she” or “he”. Under pressure, The Associated Press, New York Post, and CBS News have also accepted the use of the new pronouns.


This latest machination of the left is simply an attempt to centrally plan the absolute last thing that resembles free markets. Our language. This is nothing more than a calculated effort to confuse and confound English speakers from effectively communicating with each other. The free market of ideas is heavily dependent on language. What happens when we’re suing each other for misusing a pronoun?

Although it’s primarily students and faculty that have bought into this latest craze, these are probably nothing more than useful idiots. Call me crazy, but there is a group behind the scenes which are responsible for this. I refuse to believe there is anything resembling spontaneity behind all of this confusion. This is not natural and is not how language changes. Only tyrants use the threat of state aggression to change the use of language. Not only do these types control the money supply, the media, education, foreign policy, the food supply and a myriad of other things throughout our lives, they want the control of our language as well. As George Orwell said, “When you control the language, you control the people.” It appears Newspeak is here to stay.

As for me, when I have to interact with a “pronoun sensitive” person, I’ll revert to Elizabethan English. “Hello. How art thou?” I’ll see thee in court.

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