The Wage Experiment Known as Seattle

  Recently, Seattle has been the buzz of free market enthusiasts throughout social media and business websites. Soon, Seattle will attempt to implement a “living wage” of $15 per hour. The web has been awash in reports of restaurants and small businesses already closing their doors or , at least, preparing to downsize significantly in…


Markets or Mercantilism

    A few days ago, I had a discussion with a co-worker about the need for the government to regulate “The Market”. Consistently, the definition of terms, most certainly economic terms, leads the discussion to devolve into a debate. Each side arguing past the other as definitions of words or terms are taken for…


Human Action and Prices

The Austrian School of Economics has been at the forefront of price theory. Beginning with Carl Menger, the founding patriarch, through others such as, Böhm-Bawerk, Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Lachmann, Kirzner and more have advanced the theory of prices. It is generally accepted that prices are a function of supply and demand. But, there’s more.


The Gravity of Choice

One of the fundamental laws of economics is that human beings act on incentives. People make choices to act every day, all the time. The choices they make, are without fail, whether they will be left better or worse off. As a matter of fact, people remain inactive until they have made their choice whether…


Creeping Communism: The Fabian States of America

In the last article we discussed fascism and how it has crept into all segments of the economy. We learned that it had its beginnings in Alexander Hamilton’s “American System” which was not much more than a newer version of British mercantilism. Also, how fascism evolved out of Otto Von Bismarck’s large regulatory state apparatus…


The Fascist States of America

  When we were in chemistry class, we were told to be careful when mixing certain chemicals together. Most chemicals were inert and safe on their own, but when mixed with another chemical, a dangerous reaction could occur which could yield toxic or even deadly results. A similar toxic reaction can be realized in the…