Jackals, Hyenas and a Congress of Baboons

If you’ve ever seen a nature program on TV, undoubtedly you’ve seen how the secondary predators, like jackals, hyenas, and baboons bring down their prey differently than the larger predators, namely that one crushing death bite to the throat. Rather, they slowly wear down their prey until the whole pack is able to descend upon the poor creature…


So It Begins… Again

We are experiencing the Hegelian dialectic in real time. Let us consider the recent scandal that quickly blew into something of monstrous proportions in the alternative media known as Pizzagate. For those who have been living under a rock, Pizzagate involves two Washington DC pizzerias, Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Besta Pizza. Through the Wikileaks email…


We Need More Jobs!

As always in an election year, the public clamors for more jobs. Understandably, being unemployed for any reason is a deplorable (did I just use that word?) position to find oneself in. Politicians promise more jobs. But does the market call for more jobs or more production?


No Relief For Taxpayers

America’s middle class is disappearing rapidly. Increased taxation coupled with higher living costs are wiping out savings and making standards of living no longer tenable. Rather than respond to this problem those affected live in a depressed political apathy, throwing their support behind polar radicals like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump whose impressive rhetoric offers…


The Cost of Free

Recently, I’ve been asked what it is I have against socialism. Readers of the Blue Collar Economist may have noticed a large amount of material focused against this most erroneous of economic ideas. For me, it almost borders on a personal matter. It is true that I had, in my youth, certain socialistic leanings. For…


Please! Spare Me, Enough Already!

Recently, I overheard a discussion from a pair of Bernie Sanders fans about how horrible capitalism is because America allowed child labor in the 19th century, during our Industrial Revolution. These people complained that the “Robber Barons” only achieved their great fortunes because they exploited workers, created monopolies and jacked up prices on goods. Thank…


Trump, Tariffs and Trade

I recently critiqued Bernie Sanders’ welfare ideas in the article, “Bernie Sanders’ Welfare Trap”. In the spirit of being fair, this article will address the crazy notion that populist Republican Donald Trump came up with. Namely, a 25% tariff on Chinese produced goods. In this day and age, it’s remarkable how many people still do…