Observations on Tyranny

On June 10th, 2013 CNN’s Pierce Morgan interviewed both former CIA Director and Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President James Woolsey and former congressman Ron Paul about 4th amendment violations by the National Security Agency’s PRISM program. The full interview can be found here

As to be expected, Woolsey argued that all is fine because congress had been informed of the program and declared it lawful. He explained, “If you look at liberty without considering security… you’re putting on blinders.” 

Ron Paul, in his usual style, argued consistently that PRISM is a plain violation of the 4th amendment. Notwithstanding congress’ approval. The 4th amendment secures a person’s right to privacy which pre-dates government. When government violates a natural right, such government is tyrannical.

What I found interesting is what Morgan stated about ten minutes into the show. He was surprised how certain people (conservatives) hold the 2nd amendment to be sacrosanct but are willing for the 4th amendment to be “written over”. The most shocking part of the show wasn’t the usual brow beating from a Statist like Woolsey but how I had to agree with the likes of Pierce Morgan for the first time in my life. This irony of claiming to defend the 2nd amendment “until they pry my gun from my cold dead hands” from conservatives is laughable when considering the reason we have the 2nd. It is to protect all of the other amendments! 

Even a leftist like Bill Maher gets that one as he stated here on his show. The government has and is stripping all of them away and the people are rising up in loud protest…. uh sorry. We hear the sound of crickets. Nothing. Silence. A few people on Facebook get angry and post memes of Obama or so, but nothing of real impact. No million man march on Washington. No Occupy Congress movement. Not a glitch or a hiccup. The wheels of the State’s Juggernaut continue to roll over our freedoms. Right after right.

Don’t worry about the Marines or 82nd Airborne Division coming for your guns. The problem with your local police getting a SWAT team is that they want to use it.

For those who still claim that they will defend their right to keep and bear arms, consider this armored urban assault vehicle rolling down your street. This one is in Boston. They will not have warrants and they will not be polite. That AR-15 and .45 in the gun cabinet are looking pretty small now, Rambo.

Law enforcement has been on some kind of warrior make-over since September 11th. It started with a couple of dry runs in our not so distant passed. One was called “Ruby Ridge” and the other was called “Waco”. These trial balloons were answered with some noise and chatter from the masses but nothing of significance happened to the criminals who murdered innocent civilians. Life went on and the people kept paying their taxes and waiving their flags.

So now some whistle blowers step out of the shadows and tell the people that their government isn’t really as the media would have them to believe. They say that the State is collecting as much information about us as they can. That some day they will use it to target the non-compliant ones. Some call these brave modern day Paul Reveres traitors. Their security paradigm would be shattered if the government really wasn’t on their side. After all, we still have elections and can throw the rascals out! Democracy or not, 1930’s Germany should be a warning about what can happen when large numbers of stupid people participate in an election.  

A democracy proves nothing and secures nothing. Elected officials in a democracy operate with the knowledge that they have only a short time to amass as much of other people’s property as possible. At least a monarchy, as Prof. Hans Hermann Hoppe points out in his book, “Democracy: The God That Failed“, owns all of the property and is more likely to take care of it so he can pass it down to his heirs. Democracy is nothing more than soft socialism and an election is nothing more than an advanced auction on stolen goods. So as Journalist and author Frank Chodorov once said,”Don’t vote. It only encourages them.”


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